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...although those involved in this case are dropping like flies. The only solution known to CYFD is burying the evidence and firing witnesses. .

CYFD requires separate chapter . I used to believe CYFD was protecting children from crazy, drunk fathers. Today I don't think so. I believe CYFD are partially drunk father's children trying to revenge their mothers. The rest of them simply don't care. Nice state job surrounded by so many layers of secrecy, nobody will ever know. And quite exciting relationship with private adoption agencies. Lots of money!!! Direct access to very needed children and peddlers who have a list of future adoptive parents waiting for over a year. Lots of demand for limited supply !!! Eva Permo was definitely helping adoption agency to sell my daughter. When CYFD found out, that my son knew the truth," Eva Permo quit being with us any longer". Bart Sandoval, County Operations Manager met my son, and made sure he knew that Eva wasn't working there no more. He also gave him useless piece of paper and sent him out the door. Mary Bolson did sue adoption agency for selling children, and won, but our CYFD officials still claim, that no adoption agencies do anything illegal.

Then the permit to transport minor across the state lines. Gilberts transported my son's daughter without any permit, but later to pretend they were legal they applied and received a completely illegal permit. Issued after child was already gone with total disregard for existence of the father. CYFD employee Peg A. Tassett certainly didn't investigate whether a father is OK with a fact that his child is being transported without his approval. When my son asked Peg A. Tassett about a copy of the permit she has issued , she told him he didn't have a right to see it, because his name was not on it!!!! CYFD has never had any intension to help a father of kidnapped child. Margaret Herrera , public records custodian, refused to let father see the records of the court case, in which Penelope Allen was trying to terminate his parental rights in New Mexico because, as Margaret Herrera stated " He is not expressly included as one of the parties entitled to see this information". Isabelle Garcia, supposedly controlling the New Mexico adoption agencies was too busy, to look into crimes committed by Adoption Assistance Agency.Her boss didn't want to hear about it. Ask him:
New Mexico Department of Children, Youth and Families

Mark Ruttkay
PERA Building, Room 254
PO Drawer 5160
Santa Fe, NM 87502-5160
Phone: (505) 827-8455
Fax: (505) 827-8480

  Primary Function(s): State Adoption Program Manager
State Foster Care Program Manager
State Photolisting of Children Waiting For Adoption
State Postadoption Services Contact

According to CYFD father is not one of the people who should know about his child being sold. CYFD made sure that no evidence of their crimes and sloppiness exists. Ask your elected officials to investigate and hold criminals from CYFD responsible. No child in this state is safe as long as such a lowlifes have unlimited rights, and CYFD is never held responsible.