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My Sara is a story about kidnapping and selling children happening every day in Albuquerque, in fact in whole New Mexico. It is not a isolated incident, but a common every day crime dressed up for adoptions. Even when parents are not planning to adopt their child, yet adoption agency does.
My son's daughter, Sara has been sold in Albuquerque New Mexico. Many would say, ..." it's nonsense, just another fruitcake story"..., but those who will take time and look will find the solid, consistent evidence of a crime touching families all over the country.
What's even more horrifying is that employees of the CYFD and State agencies are supporting the whole process. Whether , because they believe to be GODS or simply because of money. They are doing it. And money is big. Adoptions is a growing industry. This story is not about adoptions done in cases when childs parents are missing, or unable to provide. This story is about child kiddnaped from legal parent and sold for profit, by "non-profit"
Penelope P. Allen, employee of the Adoption Assistance Agency in Albuquerque asked one of my son's friends in a phone conversation $15,000 ,- plus expenses for my grand-daughter. Plus they receive $8000,- from the State of New Mexico. Not bad profit . Her boss Billy N Coey assisted by then lawyer Monica Zamora are raking in good cash. News : Monica Zamora became a judge in Child Court in Albuquerque. Today adoption agencies can legalized their crimes right at the source. Makes it simple !!!!!! Don't forget a truth when is time to dis-elect the crook.
What did Isabelle Garcia, a person from CYFD, who is supervising Adoption Agencies do when my son, Jack complained about his daughter being kidnapped??? Absolutely nothing. How about her boss, Mark Ruttkay ??? nothing.....
What did CYFD do when my son notified them that their employee Eva Permo is involved in selling children to adoption agencies ??? They got rid of Eva Permo and send Bart Sandoval to find out how much Jack knew.
Peg A. Tassett issued an illegal permit to transport a minor across the state lines after my granddaughter was already illegally transported and despite of the fact that father never agreed to have his child transported.
Margaret Herrera refused to allow the father to see this permit, because he wasn't mentioned in it. Good thinking. If father is not in the permit, he has no right to see it. !!!
Mary-Dale Bolson then director of CYFD has sued adoption agencies for kidnapping children in the past, but her department still supports the kidnappers.
Judge Richard M. Cowart, in Valdosta Georgia had no problem to rule in the case out of jurisdiction, where child was a definite victim of kidnapping.
Would it be because the woman who transported kidnapped child Amy Gilbert is married to Mark Gilbert one of the lawyers practicing in the same county??? The lawyer who went to the same law school as Judge Richard Cowart.
Finally Judge Nan G. Nash, totally ignores the fact that Sara Rokowski , daughter of Jack and Sharon Lynn Rokowski getting divorced in front of judge Nash in Albuquerque suddenly disappears from New Mexico and appears in Georgia. "Judge Richard Knowles" just can't figure why jack is accusing Adoption Assistance Agency of kidnapping. Lawyer Heidi Sue Webb representing Sharon doesn't find it strange that child being part of divorce in Albuquerque suddenly becomes a part of a court case in Georgia. A fact that Heidi Webb is representing Sharon , fighting for her visitation rights with Steven, while Sharon terminated her own parental rights to her daughter Sara and two years after Heidi Webb , representing Sharon's parents Joel and Evelyn Gilbert was fighting to terminate Sharon's parental rights doesn't seem to make anyone uncomfortable.
Paul Labarre the court appointed supervisor, supervising Sharon's visitations doesn't find that unusual either.
Barbara Rokowska.

Here is my sons story: My Sara.



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Both of my sons and grand-sons attorneys are great !!!!!

Mr. Sidney Childress representing Jack

Mr. M.J.Keefe representing Steven

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